A downloadable O-Zone for Windows

A very short platformer where you decide what to do!

  • Fight climate change
  • Behave normally
  • Or kill all the activists that want to fight climate change and destroy the world!

The decision is yours!

This game was created for the myClimate Klimawerkstatt project.


A/D -> To move
Space -> To jump
ESC -> To quit

Special thanks...

...to Jonas Fendriger and Remo Hösli for creating the awesome soundtrack!

Install instructions

Please UnZip the game before starting it.


Game Download - Windows (22 MB)
Complete Soundtrack - O-Zone's Adventure (30 MB)


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I found a bug in the game, if you walk all the way to the right and jump into the wall while holding right (D) you stick to the wall. If you then repeatedly press jump then you start moving up.

I was able to get all the way to the top of the building.

Then I could just jump down to the flagpole and finish the game.

Hello lepelchannel, thank you for reporting that bug. We're working on it ;)